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Using vncviewer without typing in the password


it is more convenient to use vncviewer without typing in the password all the time.
To do so, just create an own password-file in the following way:

After you typed in the password twice in plain text, just use the created file to connect to the server:


Building a wireless router for a wireless network with a Raspberry Pi

Hi there,

there is a lack of detailed information about to building a system, that shares it’s wireless connection which has internet (like eduroam or any other network) via an own wireless AP with it’s own setup configuration. Because of this, I’ll publish the manual how to do so with an RPI (or any other Debian system). To have a system like this can be really helpfull if you have an old system which only supports WEP, to connect with an AP which only allows devices wia WPA or certain cerificates to connect.

So what I literally want to do is the following

The setup

  • Raspberry Pi (256 MB SDRAM) with “2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian”
  • 2GB Kingston microSD card with Kingston microSD-to-SD adapter
  • DeLOCK powered USB 2.0 HUB (B/N61393)
  • 2x LogiLink W-LAN USB with a Ralink RT5370 chipset

The Manual

I will devide the manual into three parts, while in the first part I will describe how to Continue reading Building a wireless router for a wireless network with a Raspberry Pi

Pi: Playing videos in shell without disturbing CLI outputs

Hi there,

I’m happy with my new Pi and after installing everything I needed, I wanted to watch a nice video. The problem is, that when I wanted to play a movie in letter-box format, the CLI was visible on top and bottom of the movie :-(. So here a nice command, to play movies with a clean black background:

Here the explanation:
clear: Clears the screen
tput cup 50 50: Puts the disturbing curser to position x:50 y:50 on screen (So anywhere behind the movie)
omxplayer MOVIE.mkv > /dev/null: Playes the movie and send all the CLI outputs to nowhere (/dev/null).

Will also do it’s job, by setting the blinking curser to invisible. But the problem is, the if you break up the player, the last command wont be executed and so the curser stayes invisible until you bring it back.